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Do You Know When To Replace Your Makeup? Kiss or Diss

Saturday, May 28 2016

when to ditch-or-replace-your-makeup

KISS or DISS Your Makeup

When to replace your makeup!!!

It just might be time to do a "Summer Cleanup" of that old makeup drawer.  Not sure when to toss that mascara that you love so much?  Do you know how often you should replace your makeup?
  1. Mascara – replace every 3 months (it's very important to replace these items immediately if you’ve had an eye infection)
  2.  Eyeliner – replace every 3-6 months (replace these items immediately if you’ve had an eye infection)
  3. Foundation – replace every 6 months
  4. Lip Gloss – replace every 6-12 months (replace immediately if you’ve had a cold sore)
  5. Lipstick – replace every year (if not used up by then – replace immediately if you’ve had a cold sore)
  6. Concealer – replace every 12-18 months
  7. Blush & Bronzers – replace every 12 months for creams and every 2 years for powders (if not used up by then)
  8. Eyeshadow – replace every 12 months for creams and every 2 years for powders (if not used up by then)
  9. Makeup Brushes – replace every 1 to 5 years (depending on the condition of the brush, you'll also want to make sure you clean your brushes in between replacement)
  10. Makeup sponges – replace every month
  11. It is especially important to replace your eye makeup often to avoid getting an eye infection.  If you have had an eye infection, you should replace your eye makeup immediately to prevent re-infection.  If your makeup ever changes texture, color or smell….. toss it right away.  With summer hopefully a few weeks away, it’s time to clean out that old makeup drawer and replace any items that have expired.  Maybe you’ll discover that you’ve tossed everything and would like to update your  look for summer. (But.. we obviously don't want to wait til summertime to Diss our expired makeup and other products.... and you most certainly do not want to use any one else's makeup).....
makeup-expiration-date-41 Now that you’ve finished and have (Dissed) tossed all that old makeup, what's next?

~You need to be honest to yourself~

How much do you spend each month at CVS, Walmart, Target or some other store for your makeup, hair care and those other personal items that you may need?  Are you  really satisfied with those products? Did you know that AVON has a 100% satisfaction guarantee?  YES they do.... Now that your ready to DISS that old makeup and products that have expired and get your Summer Beauty On...... Let's get new makeup now.. check out our sales..…

~Treat Your Makeup Like Jewelry For Your Face~

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Avon Bug Guard ~ Protect yourself and your family!

Tuesday, May 10 2016


We love the outdoors and shouldn't have to live in fear of the mosquitoes that carry diseases like the West Nile and Zika Viruses or other illnesses.

Fight off the mosquitoes that carry disease with our SSS Avon Bug Guard. CDC Recommended.Shop for Avon Bug Guard Today

Sure we can protect ourselves and our children by wearing long sleeves shirts, pants and socks when we go outside, but who wants to do that in warm weather.. Not Me!!!

Find a mosquito repellent that is safe for your families...

The CDC recommends using insect repellents that are EPA registered ~ DEET, Picaridan, IR3535 and Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus and are certified to help prevent insect bites that can lead to the above named viruses and/or other illnesses.

Many insect repellents available have toxic chemicals including pesticide DEET, which is poisoness that even the EPA states that should be washed off the applied areas of your skin when you go back indoors, avoid breathing it in and not spray directly on your face. One of the most serious concerns of DEET is its effects on the Central Nervous System.. not something we want to think about or deal with. We want our family to be safe from any harm.

I suggest checking out the following article:

We have great news though.. Avon has a line of products that are DEET FREE..

Below is some information regarding Avon Bug Guard that will help you make an informed decision to help keep you and your family safe from these disease causing mosquitoes that can spread the West Nile Virus, Zika Virus as well as deer ticks, gnats, non-seeums, sand flies and biting midges.

bug guard 103

Avon Bug Guard is an EPA registered repellent that has been around since 1999. It's DEET free and has a variety of formulas.

Avon Bug Guard FAQ

~ Is it safe for your family? ~

The answer to that question would be yes. According to the EPA, Picaridin and IR3535 is safe for the entire family including children, pets, pregnant and nursing mom's. However, should be applied with the following guidelines in mind.

  • Apply repellent to exposed skin
  • Do not use the repellent under clothing
  • Never use repellents over cuts, wounds or irritated skin
  • When using sprays, do not spray directly on yours or your children's face. Spray on hands first and apply to face
  • Use just enough repellent to cover exposed skin. Heavy application is unnecessary for effectiveness
  • If biting insects do not respond to a thin film of the repellent, apply a little bit more
  • If your using products that contain Picaridin, wash treated skin with soap and water after use
  • Make sure to keep all repellents out of your children's reach and do not apply to their hands as they may put them in their mouths
  • For children under the age of 2, consult with your physician
~ Which Avon Bug Guard should I use? ~If you or your children are outdoors during dusk or dawn and in areas where mosquitoes and insects are most active, SSS Bug Guard Plus IR3535 formulas would be best. (These products come in aerosol spray, pump spray or lotion).

Avon Bug Guard plus Picaridin

bug guard plus picaridin

Hours of Protection

Avon Bug Guard Plus Picaridin Aerosol Spray ~ 6 hours

Avon Bug Guard Plus Picaridin Spray Pump ~ 8 hours

Avon Bug Guard Plus Picaridin Towelettes ~ 8 hours

Aerosol Spray: For protection from gnats, no-seeums, sand flies and biting midges, reapply after 7 hours. For mosquitoes reapply after 6 hours.For black flies reapply after 3 hours

Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus IR3535?? Expedition SPF 28 Aerosol Spray

bug guard expedition 28

Repels mosquitoes that may transmit West Nile virus for 8 hours Provides effective protection against deer ticks, gnats, no-seeums, sand flies, and biting midges Deet-free Provides SPF 28 protection Does not need to be washed off when returning from the outdoors??? DEET-free Dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic

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Shop For Your Avon Bug Guard Today

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